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Biomass Utilization Operations

With close to 20 years in the biomass energy industry, there are many experiences that can be shared to provide insight on raw materials , harvesting, transport, supply chain analysis, safety, processing, operations, packaging and market dynamics in wood fiber, chips, and pellet fuels.  

Biomass Combustion

Having represented a variety of combustion equipment manufacturers since 2008, we understand the technologies available, options for both heating and combined heat & power (CHP).  We can cost effectively provide insight and options to projects you may be considering as well as help facilitate their development.

TNT Ventures Properties LLC

As a member of the Wausau community for over 30 years, this wholly owned subsidiary undertstands the market and strives to find properties to sell and rent that are in good areas that we can update to levels that will satisfy those looking for a good quality place to live.  Just sent a note if interested in what may be available or if you have something you may wish to sell.


What colleagues have to say about Tony "T.J." Morice

Bill O'Brion

Currently Marketing Manager - Lake States, Weyerhaeuser Marketing Manager

"TJ is a pleasure to work with. I find him to be an expert in his area of forest products. He is an asset to his employer, a great business partner, and an all around nice guy."

Tim Baye

Professor, Business Development/Energy Specialist at University of Wisconsin

"TJ has been a professional colleague, collaborator and friend. His demeanor, intelligence, wisdom and work-ethic is world-class. TJ's network and the respect he is given for the contributions both at Marth and in the bio-energy world are enviable. I am privileged to claim him as part of my circle."

Stan Elliot

VP-Pacific Coast Fiber Fuels

"It has always been a pleasure to work with Tony. He has a deep understanding of business, is very proactive regarding overall industry needs, and he is both honest and respectful. Few people I have ever worked with have such a high combination of skills. ."

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